Adding Guide-API

In order to use Guide-API, you need to add it to your project. You can do this (easily) in 3 different ways:


This is the preferred method

Add the following code block to your build.gradle:

repositories {
  maven { url '' }

dependencies {
  deobfCompile "info.amerifrance.guideapi:Guide-API:1.9-2.0.0-31"

This will tell the buildscript to grab Guide-API version 2.0.0 build 31 for Minecraft 1.9 that is de-obfuscated at compile time from our Maven repository.

If you want to use just the API instead of including the full mod in your workspace, append the deobfCompile line with :api.

Once that is done, run gradlew [eclipse|idea] to pull the dependency and add it to your project's build path.